Friday, 9 April 2010

rave live

so for this term i have to pick from three different projects to complete. the options are working for rave live, either doing animation or idents, to help working on the 3rd year projects or to get an outside brief from an external client.

so to begin with i looked in to the rave live options and the 3rd year work.
so i spoke with both the branding team for rave live and assessed their project and also visited the 3rd year students and informed them of my interest.

as the first week went by it became apparent that the 3rd year projects were very tight and needed a lot done, the issue was obtaining the models to texture as it took 2 weeks to get a test model to texture.
as i was worried about time on this project i decided to dive further into the idents for rave live.
after speaking with various people from the rave live team such as will, emily and calum it was apparent that there was the availability for producing some animated shorts that would be broadcast on the mainstage at ravelive using musion( smoke and mirrors holographic projection)

so i pushed this idea and got together with ben and tom and we decided that it was a good solid idea to work on and if done well would provide exposure for our work.

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