Saturday, 22 May 2010


so all is handed in now and the summer begins.
as far as this term has gone one word comes to mind "busy".
from the very start there has been a lot to think about, with the rave live musion animation, which then didnt go through.
so after musion dropped out i was given more freedom to put in a background and give the piece a more aesthetic feel.
rave live took a lot of preparation and pretty much soaked up my last two weeks, but it was worth it for the experience.

as far as my animation goes i am pleased with the final outcome, the animating looks pretty decent to me and the scenery adds a nice situation. i had wanted to add footprints smoke trails and drag marks in after effects i tried doing this but i would have had to go back and render the character and shadows separately which was not an option with the amount of tasks that i needed to complete.
once the sound was added it gave the piece a different dimension and as such weighs out the special effects that i wanted to add.

the showreel that i have produced i believe is a great showcase of my work and abilities and the interactive dvd i believe couldnt have looked any better, clean and simple is what i was aiming for and i believe that i achieved this through the case the showreel and the interactive dvd.

as a whole this term has pushed me further and i believe that i have learnt more about myself and my abilities along the way and cant wait to come back next year.

dvd case

i made myself a showreel case, drew up a template in photoshop, the design is such that it needs no glue or fixings as it holds itself together.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

ravel live

so rave live was yesterday and it was fun.
it was a cool experience and gave us an opportunity to display and exhibit our work.
it is a nice close to the year and this current course.

deserted wit sound

thar be sound in them thar hills.

sound done although the box dragging is a little tin like but im pretty happy.
once again i sat in front of my laptop recording my vocals for the dude and his grunts.
i wanted to include a sound for the logo but i couldn't settle on a sound so left it clean.

deserted from andrew on Vimeo.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

interactive showreel

i have spent all day working alongside tom, kofi and keith in ping pong as we all tried to figure out DVD studio pro. by 4 o'clock i had a working dvd that looked great but when i clicked to build and burn to disk it started but then failed, presently all of the video files went missing and could not be re-linked so as alex had left the building by this time i decided it was time to play football and re try the next day.

DVD studio pro sucks

rave live

i have been working alongside ben to get the animation side of things sorted for rave live iv been helping to get people motivated to print their work out and put it onto foam board ready for presenting at the exhibition.
i have also been helping in collecting peoples personal showreels for display at ravelive, this has been tricky as the majority of people have not done a showreel and some of the minority that do have them have iDVD (interactive ones) without a seperate 2 min reel. this means that for a class of 50 students we have around 13 showreels to exhibit at the show....

....disappointing much?

deserted but no sound

here is the current new look for the musion sample, seeing as musion bailed on rave live i thought it would be better to go back and add in the background and ground plane which were not allowed when in use by musion.

Untitled from andrew on Vimeo.